10th German-Japanese Symposium


Opening Session
Chair:    Prof. Dr. Tomonori Aoyama, The University of Tokyo
             Prof. Dr. Heinz Thielmann, Fraunhofer Institute SIT, Darmstadt

Welcome and Introduction
Prof. Dr. Tomonori Aoyama, Chair of the Program Committee, The University of Tokyo

Welcome Address
Dr. Yujiro Hayashi, Chair, Japan Philanthropic Association
Mr. Naohiro Ishida, Director-General, International Affairs Department, Telecommunications Bureau, MPHPT

Introduction and Welcome Münchner Kreis
Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Amold Picot, Chair, Münchner Kreis, Universität München, Munich

Keynote Speech: The Future of Mobile Communications
Dr. Keiji Tachikawa, Chair of the Organizing Committee, President, NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

Introduction: Trends in Mobile Communications in Europe
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Eberspächer, Member of the Board, Münchner Kreis, Technische Universität München, Munich

Session 1: Mobile Communications: from Today and to Beyond 3G   
Chair:    Dr. Hans-Peter Quadt, Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn
             Dr. Hirotaka Nakano, NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

From GSM to 3G in Europe
Dr. Klaus-Dieter Kohrt, Siemens AG, Munich

Beyond 3G: from 3G to Seamless Intertechnology Wireless Networks
Dr. Minoru Etoh, DoCoMo Communications Labs USA, Inc.

Towards 3G_Experiences from Europe – Communications in a mobile world
Dr.-Ing. Hans-Peter Quadt, Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn

‚Mobilisation‘ of Business Processes
Dr. Jürgen Kratz, CIO and Member of the Managing Board, T-Systems International GmbH, Frankfurt

Trends and Conditions at EU-3G-Market
Mr. Arne Boernsen, Deutsche Telekom AG

New Middleware Approaches for Ubiquitous and Mobile Solutions
Dr. Kazuo Asakawa, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

Session 2: Broadband Content Delivery and Mobile Multimedia
Chair:    Dr.-Ing. Henning Wilkens, Institute for Broadcasting Technique (IRT), Munich
             Dr. Shiro Sakata, NEC Laboratories

Studio and Terminal Technique for Interactive Multimedia-Broadcasting
Dr.-Ing. Henning Wilkens, Institute for Broadcasting Technique (IRT), Munich

Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting for Mobile Environment
Dr. Sei Miyake, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), Science and Technical Research Labs

Mobile Convergence
Dipl.-Ing. Richard Frischholz, T-Systems International GmbH, Bonn

Developing Camera Phone, Today and Future
Dr. Yoichi Sakai, Sharp Corporation

Session 3: ‚Keitai‘ (‚Handy‘) and Human Life  
Chair:    Prof. Dr. Axel Zerdick, Freie Universität, Berlin
             Prof. Dr. Koichiro Hayashi, Keio University

How Japanese people Enjoy ‚Kei-tai‘ Life: From Time Use Survey Results
Ms. Sachiko Nakano, Broadcasting Culture Research Institute, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)

The Paradox of the ‚Keitai‘ Internet Diffusion in Society
Prof. Shunji Mikami, Toyo University, Tokyo

Virtual Mobility: Mobile Phones – from a tool to a medium
Mr. Peter Zoche M.A., Fraunhofer- Institute ISI, Karlsruhe

Mobile Telephone and Mobile Internet in Europe: Issues and Considerations
Prof. Dr. Axel Zerdick, Freie Universität, Berlin

Session 4: Business Models, Markets and Services
Chair:    Mr. Stefan Doeblin, network-economy S.A., Brussels
             Mr. Nobuyuki Sakuma, lnfoCom Research, Inc.

Mobile e-Commerce
Mr. Tetsuji Osamura, Sony Corporation

Ubiquitous computing and context aware service delivery
Dr. Atsushi Murase, DoCoMo Communications Laboratories Europe GmbH, Munich

Collaborative or Competitive Relation between Public Wireless LAN and
existing Mobile Services

Mr. Yutaka Kuno, NTY Access Service Systems Laboratories

High – Availability Standards – Key to Success for Telecoms
Dr. Manfred Reitenspiess, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Munich

Initiatives for Mobile Solutions in Cities and Regions: Best practice example City of Bremen
Dr. Joachim Grollmann, Bremer Innovation – Agentur GmbH, Bremen
Dr. Dirk Petrat, Ministry, of Economy and Ports-Bremen, Bremen