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Smart City Series #13

Smart City Series #13: Smart Cities in Germany 2022 – Technologies, Use Cases and Participation

After a total of 12 events in which we have taken an in-depth look at different cities and their respective smart city concepts, we would like to take a deliberately different approach to this smart city event and share with you the results of the exciting study

“Smart Cities in Germany 2022 – Technologies, Use Cases and Participation”

The aim of the study is to show, on the basis of a survey with 115 experts from 107 cities, where German cities of all sizes stand with regard to their smart city visions, what is important to them and how they are using technologies, in particular low power wide area networks, to get closer to their visions.

We will begin with an impulse in which Prof. Dr. Joachim Henkel from the Technical University of Munich and his team will present the starting point, results and recommendations for action of the study and then enter into an in-depth discussion together with you.

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