18:00 - 20:00

Networking Evening “ChatGPT and the Future of Creative Texting”

Networking Evening Generative AI #2 “ChatGPT and the Future of Creative Texting”

Flourishing imagination and fantasy characterize the work of the writing professions. Writers, book authors, journalists, and copywriters need creativity. ChatGPT is now challenging this assumption. Therefore, we ask: What are the conditions for the creative writing process? What talent is essential for a professional writer? First, we shed light on the importance of inspiration and discipline to the craft of creative writing.

Then we take a look at the history of the development of automated text production, from the beginnings of mechanical typewriters to the recent advances of artificial intelligence and machine texting. How has technology changed the way text is produced over time? What are the implications for the quality and volume of content produced?

Finally, we come to the issue of authorship and copyright. After all, the production of texts with AI has legal consequences: Who is the author of books written with AI? How do authors and writers preserve their rights when machine-generated texts process their works?

We bring together experts from the fields of literature, media history, and law to better understand the implications of ChatGPT and similar technologies for the future of creative textual work.

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