Networking Evening “Deep Fakes”

NE Deep Fakes Artificial intelligence (AI) offers many opportunities such as improved healthcare, more efficient energy consumption and more durable products. However, AI also comes with new risks. “Deepfakes” is an important buzzword here. It is reminiscent of “fake news”: deliberately false text messages in social networks to distort public opinion. “Deepfakes”, on the other […]

Networking Evening “ChatGPT and the Future of Creative Texting”

Networking Evening Generative AI #2 “ChatGPT and the Future of Creative Texting” Flourishing imagination and fantasy characterize the work of the writing professions. Writers, book authors, journalists, and copywriters need creativity. ChatGPT is now challenging this assumption. Therefore, we ask: What are the conditions for the creative writing process? What talent is essential for a […]

Networking evening “Cheating for smart people? From VroniPlag to ChatGPT”.

Networking Evening Generative AI #1 “Cheating for the Clever? From VroniPlag to ChatGPT” ChatGPT is keeping the world on its toes. Even schools and universities are catching up with the hype surrounding the mysterious voice assistant. Suspicions of cheating and plagiarism are piling up. The capabilities of this voice machine are putting the understanding of […]