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Networking evening “Cheating for smart people? From VroniPlag to ChatGPT”.

Networking Evening Generative AI #1 “Cheating for the Clever? From VroniPlag to ChatGPT”

ChatGPT is keeping the world on its toes. Even schools and universities are catching up with the hype surrounding the mysterious voice assistant. Suspicions of cheating and plagiarism are piling up. The capabilities of this voice machine are putting the understanding of service delivery in education to the test.

As of now, how is ChatGPT changing the tradition of school and university testing? How will principals and deans react? How will ChatGPT shape our understanding of education?

We track down these questions. First, we ask the German expert on plagiarism to take the podium. Then we ask those who want to deal with ChatGPT (students) – or have to (teachers and professors).

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