17:30 - 21:00

Networking evening Digital competence in German supervisory boards: Ways out of the deficit

Digital transformation is an issue that affects all companies, regardless of industry and size. It is recognized that this requires the appropriate expertise on the board of directors or management board – only this ensures that the digital transformation, with the opportunities and risks of new digital technologies and the operation of IT systems, receives sufficient attention from the organization and is also approached in a technically sound manner. Surprisingly, although digital skills have increased on German supervisory boards in recent years, they are still too low. For example, only around half of the supervisory boards of larger German companies currently have at least one supervisory board member on the capital side with minimal digital expertise. Five years ago, this figure was as low as 18%. The ratio has risen, but is still too low, precisely because it is very rare to have two or more digital supervisory boards.

The event addresses this important topic for the digital transformation of companies. It describes the target and actual situation in detail and aims to raise awareness of the problem. It also addresses the question of which skills are really important and which are nice-to-have, and to what extent. Another focus is on the question of how the situation can be improved further and, above all, in larger steps. The event consists of two parts. The first part provides an overview from three perspectives. The second part is designed to be interactive. Six experts will discuss selected questions and contribute their very different backgrounds and experiences.

Our networking evening is being held in collaboration with LMU Munich and is aimed at active or future supervisory board members, owners and investors, HR consultants and training service providers and, of course, associations and regulators. We also welcome academics with practical experience who are interested in the topics of digital governance and collaboration in top management teams in the digital age.


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