15:00 - 16:30

Expert Workshop: Consumer Protection in the Digital Age

Consumer Protection in the Digital Age

Digitalisation permeates all areas of consumers’ lives. Modern consumer protection must face up to this challenge – and renegotiate with the economy what responsible behaviour in the digital world looks like.

The example of the smart home is a good illustration of the challenges consumers face: Which support will help quickly when the front door no longer opens? Will the cloud services still work in 3 years – and who is actually the contractual partner? Where can I check and set who receives which data from the house? Do Smart Home components from different manufacturers work together?

The answers from politics are often more mandatory information so that consumers can make informed decisions, or restrictions in contract design if it turns out that this is not sufficient. For companies, this increases the effort required to develop new products. And for consumers, the protective effect of extensive mandatory documents is limited, as they would have to be very disciplined to understand the information and then make informed decisions.
So how should consumer policy act in digitalisation? How can companies position themselves in such a digitally responsible way (keyword CDR) that a regulatory reaction is avoided?

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