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Networking evening: The beginning of the end of predictions? Generative AI in consumer and election research

Networking evening

The beginning of the end of predictions? Generative AI in consumer and election research

In an era where consumer preferences and political opinions are constantly changing, a revolution in consumer and election forecasting is on the horizon. The world faces crucial elections in 2024.

Traditionally, consumer manufacturers and politicians have relied on surveys in model regions such as Haßloch or forecasting tools such as “The Sunday Question” to capture the behavior and preferences of their target groups. However, these methods always contain an element of uncertainty – people sometimes think differently than they answer. This is where generative AI is now proving to be a surprising alternative: simulating people who answer “honestly”. This opens up new dimensions for more accurate and reliable forecasts.

In our joint event with the Hanns Seidl Foundation, we are bringing together leading experts from the fields of forecasting research and computer science to shed light on these developments. We will first learn about the history of consumer and voting research; then we will discuss the latest advances in generative AI and their consequences for consumer and voting predictions. It is not only about technological aspects, but also about the social, economic and political consequences of these changes.

This event is essential for anyone in market and opinion research, as well as for decision-makers in politics and business. It offers a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and the development of new strategies for dealing with change in society and the market.

Register to be part of this groundbreaking discussion and understand how generative AI could change the landscape of consumer and choice analysis forever.

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