18:00 - 20:00

Networking Evening “Speaking with ChatGPT: Key Skill of the Future?”

What role does language play in a world shaped by digital technology? With this question, the MÜNCHNER KREIS opens the third evening in its series of events on generative artificial intelligence (GenKI).
In a first look, we will deal with the function of language in social, economic and political contexts from a systems theory perspective.

We then turn our attention to programming languages. For this, we outline their history from the beginnings until today and ask whether and how ChatGPT could introduce a new kind of programming languages and thus undermine the profession of software developers.

Prompt engineering is the name given to clever communication with ChatGPT. It will play a big role in operating future AI systems. That’s why we ask an education expert how learning and mastering prompt engineering fits into the educational canon of 21st Century Skills.

We bring together experts from sociology, computer science, and education. To better understand if and how ChatGPT and similar technologies might challenge our understanding of the skills for tomorrow’s world of work.

  • Veranstaltungsformat: Online

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