16:00 - 17:30

“Inclusive mobility – who do we take with us?”

Mobility enables people to meet their daily needs. Mobility is there for people. But what if it is not there for everyone?
Potential discrimination factors are manifold and have so far been considered in isolation. There are various concepts to grasp discrimination factors, such as so-called “diversity wheels”. On the basis of personal, internal and external dimensions, areas are identified that are highly discriminatory: Age, national affiliation, gender, but also economic status or education.
What does this mean for our mobility system? What blind spots do we have? Who do we actually take with us, literally, and who do we leave out?
Together with you, we will shed light on various facets of inclusion in mobility: Accessibility and passenger information, mobility data and gender.
Always at the interface to digitization – how can digital technologies reinforce discrimination, how can they contribute to inclusion?

  • Veranstaltungsformat: Online

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