Intelligent and Connected Mobility

The expert group “Intelligent and Connected Mobility” was commissioned by the Executive Board of the MÜNCHNER KREIS to set new impulses for intelligent and networked mobility of people and goods as a basic prerequisite for competitiveness, sustainability, and prosperity in 21st century Europe. To this end, the expert group, headed by Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar (TU Munich) and Ludwig Haas (Detecon), bundles the many years of experience and expertise of its members from science, politics, and business.

Our vision: Intelligent and connected mobility ensures competitiveness, sustainability, and prosperity and thus makes a decisive contribution to the attractiveness of our region (Europe) in the worldwide competition for the best minds.

Our mission: The working group “Intelligent and connected mobility” contributes to the design and realization of intelligent and networked mobility in Europe, taking into account future mobility needs.

We provide impulses to overcome barriers to innovation by developing application-oriented visions and solution concepts for overarching problems. In this way, the new mobility can develop its full impact for the benefit of society as a whole.

Our way of working: