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Smart Cities

Quality of Life and Business Opportunities in the City of the Future 
Proceedings of the conference held in Berlin on July 8, 2010

Publisher: J. Eberspächer / J. Lorenz
ISBN 987-3-9813733-1-8
Next Generation Communication

Challenges for the Digital Society
Proceedings of the conference held in Munich on June 15 and 16, 2010

Publisher: A. Picot
ISBN 987-3-9813733-2-5
Shaping Ideas to Shape the Future

Competence, Security and new Business Sectors

Results of the third phase of the international Delphi Study

ISBN 978-3-00-032517-5
The new Identity Card - my most important Card

Application Tests, Acceptance, Rollout, Roadmap
Proceedings of the fourth Berlin Discussion held on June 29, 2010

Publisher: H. Thielmann / A. Ziemer
Trust in IT

Can you Entrust your Business with the Internet Cloud?
Proceedings of the conference held in Munich on February 4, 2010

Publisher: A. Picot / U. Hertz / Th. Götz
ISBN 978-3-642-18109-2
Enterprise 2.0 Enterprises between Hierarchy and Self Organisation

Proceedings of a conference held in Munich on October 21, 2009

Publisher: J. Eberspächer / S. Holtel
ISBN 978-3-642-14150-8
ICT for the Next Five Billion People Information and Communication for Sustainable Development

Proceedings of a conference held in Berlin on May 12, 2009

Publisher: A. Picot / J. Lorenz
ISBN 978-3-642-12224-8
Media Reloaded Media Use in the Digital Era

Proceedings of a conference held in Munich on April 2, 2009

Publisher: A. Picot / A. Freyberg
ISBN 978-3-642-11242-3
E-Energy Change and Opportunity through the Internet of Energy

Proceedings of a conference held in Berliln on January 22 and 23, 2009

Publisher: A. Picot / K.H. Neumann
ISBN 978-3-642-02932-5
Digital Dividend

Proceedings of the conference held in Berlin November 26, 2008

Publisher: A. Picot / H. Tillmann
ISBN 978-3-642-01361-4
Green ICT: "Economic Computing and Communication"

Proceedings of a Workshop held in Munich on October 23, 2008

Publisher: J.Eberspächer / W. v.Reden
The Networked Automobile

Proceedings of the congress held in Munich  on June 11 and 12, 200

Publisher: J. Eberspächer / R. Herrtwich
ISBN 978-3-7785-4050-3
Electronic Identity Card and E-Identity

Proceedings of the 2. Berlin Discussion held in Berlin on Mai 6, 2008

Publisher: U. Helmbrecht / H. Thielmann / A. Ziemer
Leadership by Open Innovation in the Telecoms, IT and Media Industries

Proceedings of the conference held in Munich April 24, 2008

Publisher: A. Picot / S. Doeblin
ISBN 978-3-540-87754-7
Elektronische Medien - Entwickung und Regulierungsbedarf -

Publisher: Bernd Holznagel / Dieter Dörr / Doris Hildebrand
ISBN 978-3-8006-3573-3
Virtual Worlds in the Internet

Proceedings of the conference held in Munich on Nov. 21, 2007

Publisher: J. Eberspächer / U. Hertz
ISBN 978-3-7785-4045-9
Software as a Service

Strategic Perspektives and Practical Significance
Proceedings of the expert discussion held in Munich on October 25, 2007

Publisher: Th. Hess
ISBN 978-3-00-024335-6
Winning the Future - The Growth Market of Electronic Games -

Proceedings of the conference held in Munich July 10, 2007

Publisher: A. Picot / S.Zahedani / A.Ziemer
ISBN 978-3-540-78714-3
The Effectiveness of Electronic Communications Sector Regulation in Europe - Research Findings and their Policy Implications

Proceedings of the conference held in Brussels on May 7, 2007 

Publisher: A. Picot
ISBN 978-3-540-77307-8