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Funck Consulting & Interim Management
Consulting & Interim Management
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For more than 20 years, I have successfully held senior positions in medium and large enterprises in Germany and internationally focusing on transformational market development.Using the timeline of change processes as an opportunity is my particular strength. The focus is on securing competitiveness, the agility of the company and a clear customer orientation both internally and externally, resulting in a sustainably strong business model.My vast professional background has enabled me to transfer best practices and key principles in market development from highly competitive to other still less affected industries and sectors. This allowed achieving significant and measurable improvements at fast pace - key in times of increased competition and volatile markets.A key factor for me in implementing change within a company in a timely manner and with ease is to take a proactive and straightforward approach even for complex and demanding topics.In my opinion, digital transformation offers many opportunities for companies to differentiate itself by creating customer value. It is a topic of the change of the business model and not from the point of view of the IT. And therefor it is clearly a leadership topic.
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+49 172 2 777 100
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+49 89 17 959 239
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